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Last week, I received a wonderfully unexpected email in my inbox from my editor at Psychology Today. I had been working with her on a piece about eating disorders (it will appear in the July/August issue), when she asked me to join the Psychology Today blogging team.  My focus? The science of eating disorders.

And so it is without any further adieu that I introduce you to:

Body of Evidence: Dispatches from the Forefront of Eating Disorder Science.

I won't stop blogging here at ED Bites. This blog will remain my place for personal insights and such.  The PT blog will cover more of the latest research and other issues related to eating disorders.

I hope you like my new blog, and be sure to come on over and view my first post.  {{I get paid based on page views, so be sure to visit regularly!}}

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PJ said...

have added it to my reader :) Am always interested in what you have to say on the science of EDs

hm said...


Katie said...

Ooh, congratulations Carrie!

June said...

You are going from strength to strength, Carrie. Congratulations! You are soaring. An inspiration for all. xx

esqueci a ana (ex-ana) said...

Congratulations Carrie!

Jane said...

Such cool news!
You;ll definitely be getting my "page views" and it will go on the list of resources I give to anyone looking for ED info.

Anonymous said...

wow congratulations carrie! i hope you are so proud of yourself. i will be reading!

Cathy (UK) said...

Well done Carrie! I'm very pleased for you! :)

Wendy said...

Way to go Carrie!! So proud of you and I loved your introduction. I will visit frequently.

I'm passing it on to others as I have EDbites.

You are reaching so many with your lessons learned.

Breteni said...

I am happy for you!! Please do NOT leave ED Bites in the dust...

Abby said...

I have to say that I check the Psychology Today page every day and love the featured posts. I was geeked to see your new gig--it seems like a perfect fit.


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