Fat acceptance in the Grey Lady

That's right, folks. Some of the very best in our fatosphere is featured in the Health Section of today's New York Times.

Read about it here:

In the Fatosphere, Big is In, or at least Accepted

I'll lead the shaky headline slide on a good article. It does make me feel better (a little bit) that the objections raised by the doctor make him sound like an ass.

Back patting to all of the wonderful bloggers featured.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie, It was through your blogger links that I've come to contact with Shapely Prose and the F-word.org. I thank you for being the gateway into body positive blog community, that's helping me recover. I only wish the NYT had interviewed you too!

mary said...

Hi Carrie,

Are your feet on the ground yet?
Welcome home! /*****

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