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So it's been a long time since I've last blogged. Like a really long time.

I feel bad that I've abandoned my blog and my readers, but:

It was really good to get away. Like, really really good.

Here's the thing: I was obsessively writing and thinking about eating disorders with the publication of my book, and then all of the editing. Add in blogging on top of that, and I was pretty much thinking of eating disorders non-stop for several months straight. The irony was that, for once, I was actually getting the hang of this recovery thing and therefore I didn't have to be thinking about EDs when I wasn't actually thinking about EDs.

I needed a break from eating disorders after all of that. Blogging had become a bit of a chore, which isn't what I ever wanted this blog to be for me. So I took a little blogging vacation, to re-evaluate what I wanted this blog to be, and to see where I wanted to go from here.

Over the past week or so, I've really begun to feel the pull to start blogging again. Which is why I'm here. I have quite a few posts in my head, which is something that hadn't happened for a really long time.

Anyway, I'm back. Apologies for my absence.

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esqueci a ana (ex-ana) said...

Welcome Carrie! Thsnka for the new book!

(I understand the feelling you refer above; your readers love freedom. Even when you are away, your blog is here and we thank you for it )

Anonymous said...

Yay! :) You have been missed, but I completely understand the need to step away from having ED info floating around non-stop; sometimes, reading, researching, advocating etc. is just too much ED all at once, and I'm so glad you were able to take care of yourself and do what was best for you. :) Welcome back!

HikerRD said...

so good to see you back! ED Bites is on my blog roll for patients and I noticed the weeks that the days were clicking away! And for good reason with all you've been accomplishing!

hm said...


Kudos to YOU for being in a place where blogging no longer felt "necessary" to you. Bonus for US that blogging is once again beginning to feel desirable to you!

You do not have to be the Mother Teresa of the ed world. You do not owe anyone a blog. But it is sure a grand thing if you decide to get back to it. You're more like a Michael Jackson of the ed world. Utterly entertaining. Or maybe a Larry King. Unabashedly informative.

Hee hee hee! Welcome back. :D

Abby said...

I agree with everyone above. No apology necessary and we all most certainly need a break--at least I do--but glad to see you back ;)

Unknown said...

I agree with what everyone said - no apologies needed! You're doing a lot for everyone all the time, and your book, with all the energy you put into it, further supports the recovery community. After all that ED work, I'd need a blog break too!

Welcome back!

Joy said...

Welcome back. You were missed!

Unknown said...

welcome back to blogging :) sometimes you just need that space to breathe & find yourself without being surround by the one thing you are beginning to get the hang of conquering...recovery is delicate & you do what is best for you, sometimes that means having the space you need xxx

Nicole said...

Welcome back! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a long-time reader and lurker here - I'm a bit ashamed as I've always so enjoyed your blogs, Carrie, but never had the courage to comment :") Despite this, what you've written usually resonates strongly with me. It's great to see you back, but like others, I want to add that it is also great that you have been away (meaning no offense at all!)... having followed your journey for so long and been really helped by you, I was really happy that you were (hopefully) happier in the world and able to move away from the ED sphere rather than being still entrenched in illness. That is amazing - and really brings a lot of hope and inspiration to those of us who are still muddling through the depths of it. So please don't worry or apologise for your absence - though you were missed by your readers, I and I'm sure many others were happy for you :)

I got a little boost to break my silence as I just finished reading your book, and I have to say, I was astounded. :) I'm going to give it to my mum to read, and I only wish everyone who knows about my 'problem' could read it... I feel they would know me a lot better, and how 'easy' it was for all my pre-anorexia traits and circumstances (anxiety, perfectionism, depression, bullying about weight, etc) to click into place when I started dieting and lost weight. All the misunderstandings and anger and frustration from those on the outside of my crazy bubble - though it's understandable, it really hurts.

Thank you SO much for putting that resource out there. I'm going to be writing you a review on UK (since I'm British) Amazon and I'll post it on US Amazon too if I can, what the hey ;)

The one criticism I have for you - I bought that book yesterday afternoon, poured through it in the evening, woke up at 3am with my usual insomnia, finished it at 5.30am, and now I'm sitting at work very distractible with a headache... darn you for making it so fascinating and readable! Darn you! ;)

Thank you again... and all the very best :) (Sorry for my essay of a comment! *blush*)


Unknown said...


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