(Belated) Sunday Smorgasbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more, so you don't have to.

Study Finds Problem Drinkers Get Bigger Endorphin Kick.

Is mental illness culturally specific? Fascinating read on the different ways we go mad.

This week in "No shit, Sherlock" science: Watching 'The Biggest Loser' may increase anti-fat attitudes.

And more on Sherlock- how the detective used statistics and the science of personality.

Scales don’t carry that much weight in determining health.

A randomized controlled trial of adjunctive family therapy and treatment as usual following inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa adolescents.

New guidelines on the care of young people with anorexia nervosa from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Clinicians May Have Negative Attitudes Toward Patients With Eating Disorders.

High prevalence of eating disorders not otherwise specified in northwestern Spain: population-based study.

Eating Disorders Recovery Q&A.

“Photo-Therapy:” A Promising Intervention in Anorexia Nervosa?

Anxiety in anorexia nervosa and its management using family-based treatment.

Making the Case for Size Acceptance.

Disordered eating and suicidal intent: The role of thin ideal internalisation, shame and family criticism.

NPR's Science Desk Experiments With Twinkies. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it...

Weight is the number one reason kids are bullied.

How pregnancy triggered one woman's long-dormant eating disorder.

How (CBT) Therapy Has Worked For Me.

Exercise Hormone Helps Keep Us Healthy.

Moving from an Eating Disorder's Half-life to Your Full Life.

New blog article about the treatment of orthorexia using CBT and Mindfulness Based CBT.

Emotional Processing Following Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa.

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Extra Long Tail said...

I love the article "Is mental illness culturally specific?"..

I have been trying to make a point in my blog posts that culture doesn't cause anorexia nervosa (AN), but rather, culture may influence the way that this illness expresses; i.e. in the context of our culture.

Over the centuries, AN has been linked to a variety of apparent cultural 'triggers'; however, I do not believe it is correct to say that "genetics load the gun and culture pulls the trigger". I personally think that mental illness will probably happen anyway in vulnerable individuals, but merely expresses as AN as we know it in the 21st Century. AN is not a discrete illness; it is so often accompanied by, or pre-dated by anxiety, OCD and/or depression.

The paper about anxiety in AN also suggests that AN is part of the OCD spectrum.

The "Photo-Therapy" study is interesting, but I hate to see AN reduced to 'body image disorder' - because it is so much more than body dissatisfaction/dysmorphia. A person can have severe ED without body image issues.

I've downloaded the entire paper (RCT) on family therpy vs. treatment as usual so will scrutinise it before commenting!

As for 'Biggest Loser'... I am seriously bored of these and comparable TV programmes. They're largely voyeurism. TV in the UK is becoming obsessed with people's difficulties with eating and weight. I don't find these programmes at all 'triggering'. I just wish that I could sit down to watch more science or wildlife documentaries in an evening instead of crap 'reality' TV. Thank goodness for Prof. Brian Cox and "Stargazing Live"...

Lita said...

Thank you for the link on the article about orthorexia. I have suffered with it most of my adult life. It was tremendously helpful. I love your site. Your work on this site helps so many others suffering with all forms of disordered eating. It is so appreciated. Lita

The Dandelion Girl said...

I loved Aimee Liu's article... and glad it's getting some love!

oh and The Biggest Loser is like some sick addiction for me... that I need to curb... While I don't think it does (for me) what that's suggesting... it does trigger something in my usually non-triggered self that makes me feel propelled to run, join a gym, etc... while simultaneously wanting to bake...

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