Sunday Smorgasbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more, so you don't have to.

A substantive and methodological review of family-based treatment for eating disorders: the last 25 years of research.

ED treatment improves impulsive behaviors in people with AN and BN.

CDC Statistics: Mental Illness in the US. Impaired neural processing of social attribution in anorexia nervosa.

Eating Disorders May Affect Oral Health.

Spatial orientation constancy is impaired in anorexia nervosa.

"We can all be pretty but beauty is an action." Ad campaign sets out to undo the thwarted definition of beauty.

Risperidone no more effective than placebo for adolescents and young adults with anorexia.

"How Can I Become More Resilient?" It's a good question for those of us working on recovery...

The impact of an implicit manipulation of self-esteem on body dissatisfaction.

Biology, Not Just Society, May Increase Risk of Binge Eating During Puberty. (um, no kidding?)

Effects of reducing the frequency and duration criteria for binge eating on lifetime prevalence of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder: Implications for DSM-5.

What Full Recovery From An Eating Disorder Means.

Wasting Time: Symptom and Enemy of Anorexia.

When eating too healthy becomes harmful. The subtitle says that orthorexia "...may lead to mental stress." So does being in a traffic jam. I'm thinking they should have been a little more specific. Also, EDs aren't about wanting to lose weight. That can be part of it, but a focus on weight loss is not universal to EDs.

Interesting discussion on the root of "guilty pleasures."

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AJ said...

The study about spatial orientation constancy is very interesting to me. It's something I noticed in myself when I was quite small, and the impairment manifests itself in a number of ways. I've always thought it was something neurological and wondered, given the implications it might have on body/spatial awareness, whether it had something to do with the miserable body image that contributed to my AN. I was actually just thinking about this yesterday when positioning furniture around my apartment (always a challenge) -- wicked timing!

Undenied said...

"Eating Disorders May Affect Oral Health."

Now that is just lol. I thought that was a "no duh"? They can take a look in my mouth if they want more proof.

"We can all be pretty but beauty is an action."

Wow, I just saw this ad today. I don't usually notice ads, but this one stuck in my head. I found it triggering in the extreme. Not the goal they were targeting, I assume. I felt like it was telling me I was "just pretty", ie Not Good Enough, once again.

I'm interested in finding out "What Full Recovery From An Eating Disorder Means", because it's something I've been wondering for myself....

Fi said...

title of the oral health article = hilarious.

I am beginning to think trying to 'define' full recovery is basically a waste of time. you know it when you're there, and it means something different for everyone. sure this study says 90 or 100% IBW. i'd bet money I'm not there. esp not after working all summer in an exhausting job, commuting 3 hrs, doing 12-18 per day, and not having the time to refill my prescription for gastroparesis. in real life (post ED when real life happens)this shit goes on. (but I still feel kind of scrawny and ugly and 2 days post finishing am downing the Lucozade. anyway point is I just laugh hysterically in the fact of anyone who says I'm not recovered due to weight.
on the flip side though I know a lot of people who are fully recovered and still have relapse prevention which extends beyond simple 'if I get the flu I will eat more'. for me it's just physical. but from what I've seen I imagine that you could be recovered and say, have to check yourself on the impulse to do the bikini photos for your uni catalogue, or hang around with some diet obsessed friend. different methods for different people. (I was a twig pre ED and even the initial trigger was physiological so maybe has sth to do with it).
sorry for rambling! (so nice to have time now work's over!)

Anonymous said...

LOLOL ''...Oral Health...'' OMG. They're kidding, right? Clearly they're new to this kind of thing. LOL :D
Sorry. Just taking a break from the bleakness that is my life.

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