Ain't no hurricane gonna get my recovery

So. If you're in the US, you've probably heard about the massive hurricane that's hitting the East Coast. And I'm in its path. That means I've stocked up on bottled water (I think I found the last pack in my town earlier today), peanut butter, protein bars, baked beans, and tuna--for me AND Aria.

I'm guessing we're going to lose power and that cooking is going to be a bit creative the next day or two. I'm staying with my parents since they have a generator and I don't, so I'll at least have a bit of juice. It also likely means NO INTERNET and limited phone, since I don't want the battery running dead.  In the mornings, we're going to fill all the bathtubs in case we lose water so we can flush toilets, etc.  Basically, when you combine the brains of three obsessive and perfectionistic people, you can ensure that all your bases are going to be covered.

So here I am, trying to fit both my job and my recovery into this madness.  Yes, I know, I should be worrying primarily about my recovery, but I also have bills to pay.  Trying to get copy in on Monday could be an interesting adventure. I suppose that this could be an optimal time to drop the ball on recovery.  Stress? Check. Legitimate disruption of food schedule? Check. Lapse? Let's not tick that box.

But I've taken every precaution and have no reason not to stay compliant with my meal plan.  There will definitely be extra stress.  I try to stay practical: not eating won't help anything. 

I may or may not be able to blog again for several days. So for all of you East Coasters, batten down the hatches and hole up with your can openers. For everyone else, enjoy a meal that doesn't come from a can and think of me. :)

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Anonymous said...

First time commenter...

I'll be thnking of you, Carrie. You're an inspiration to many of us. I'm in recovery from BED/Bulimia. I'm also a veteran of hurricanes, so I know the drill quite well. I won't lie to you, you're in for a rough weekend, but you'll be OK. Hang in there!

Thinking of you,

PJ said...

Oh heavens Carrie, do keep safe. Let us know when it's all over and that you're okay :)PJ

Melfy said...

I'm here on the East Coast too, so I'll be battening down the hatches with you. Stay safe and I hope all goes well! See you when the sun comes out! :)

Katie said...

I'll be thinking of you! I have no experience of hurricanes past the one we got in 1987, when I was three :P but watching the news at the moment I'm glad Britain usually gets such boring weather! I'm glad you have your family to keep you company and I hope Aria isn't too scared. My dogs are massive chickens and are terrified of storms and strong winds. They won't even go out to pee if it's raining heavily!

Cathy (UK) said...

I think I'd be far more concerned about the potential physical damage to me, my family and friends, my cats and my house than ED recovery...

Thinking of you Carrie and all other facing the threat of this storm. I really hope and pray it doesn't cause too much damage. Keep safe!

hm said...

Ugh- stressful! I love how you framed not letting relapse become a part of the stress though- that is inspirational- good to see you being strong.

Canned suggestion, if you want one: black baked beans and italian spiced diced tomatoes, drained and mixed- dip into it with sunchips. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Be safe with the hurricane! We got some weather from it here in SC, and it took down a tree onto my friend's garage (his fiancee's car is still in the garage). Their power was out for like 24 hours, almost. Hopefully it will weaken some before it hits wherever you are.


Angela Elain Gambrel said...

Stay safe and let us know how you are doing. Does this make you miss Michigan even a little bit?:)

I will be thinking of you!

Wendy said...

Dear Wise Carrie

I am thinking of you during this hurricane. My daughter in recovery was going through the same plan
to stock up on food for a few days at least.
Having the stress of a job deadline - well you are one strong woman who won't let that get you off track.

Hope you and your family kept safe and no long power outages.
Living through many hurricanes in Florida as a girl, I rememember them well.

Hugs to you

HikerRD said...

Still no power here in Southeastern MA, so I know how you feel. But the lack of technology has left my brain free to write a whole bunch of posts!

Dana said...

Hey! So glad that the Irene didnt hit us TOO HARD but im still hoping they clean up all the floods asap.
I dont know why it wont let me post my open ID :( maybe because my blog is private now?


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