Condo pics!

Many of you have asked, so here is a link to some pictures I took of my new condo yesterday.  All of the Polident chic decor has been moved out (excepting the rosette shades and pink drapes), and you can get an idea of my new place.

Carrie's New Condo!

And since we're on the subject of pictures, here's the latest one of Aria, basking in the sun on the shores of the Kitty Riviera:

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hm said...

Ooooh, so nice. Love all the cabinets and nooks and crannies. So happy for you! ...and my kids walked in, saw Aria, and said, "That's so cute!" :D

Angela Elain Gambrel said...

Congratulations! It looks beautiful and I'm sure you will love it there. I'm very happy for you.

Aria is adorable, as usual. :)


Eating With Others said...

They always look cute before they pounce!

The place looks great. I love the high ceiling. I'm living in a cave

Tiptoe said...

Looks lovely, Carrie. Hope you enjoy decorating it!

Anonymous said...

Aw, she is super adorable!

Anonymous said...

Aria is so cute!!

condo Philippines said...

This one looks very futuristic to me - the kitchen, especially.

"Aria is so cute!" agreed in full here.

eastwood condo for sale said...

Aria is so really cute! Enjoy decorating you condo! Can't wait to see the decors. :)

aileen collins

Nautical Condominiums said...

Good article on condos. Pretty much sums up the blueprint for success no matter what the venture. Feel very inspired after reading what you write.

the Weather in Anorectica said...

Hi. I like cats. And your cat. And right when I clicked on your keyword, "cats," the word, "cats" was spoken to me (via blogtalk radio). But the host meant "guys."


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