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After knowing my friend Cammy for over five years now, I finally got to meet her in person yesterday. We initially met online through our love for dorky science books. I emailed her to find out her full review of a book she mentioned reading so I could decide whether to buy it. I never ended up buying the book (I found it at the library), but I did make a lasting friend.

Through all this, we never had a chance to meet as we always lived too far apart for a day trip. Now that Cammy is living with her parents for the next year so she can do research for her grad studies, she is finally close enough that we could potentially meet for part of an afternoon. So yesterday afternoon, I filled up my gas tank and headed out on a drive that ended up at a smoothie joint somewhere between our houses.

We chatted for hours. It's odd meeting someone in person when you already know them so well from online interactions. On the one hand, we really have just met. On the other, we've known each other for years. After less than a minute, though, the latter won out and I didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. Interestingly, we never mentioned eating disorder stuff. Not once. We mostly discussed science and our families and had a grand old time.

The other cool thing that happened yesterday was that...


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Kim said...

How cool :) I'd love to meet both of you some day :)
Cute shoes!

Danielle said...

It's kind of cool how you can meet friends online through blogs :) cute shoes!

Charlotte UK said...

I can't wait for the day when either I get to the US or you get here...


Cammy said...

I loved this post, and yesterday afternoon! :) You know it hadn't even occurred to me that ED stuff never came're too interesting in so many other ways. Is kind of surreal to meet someone in person after so many years, I remember way back when I was in high school and we first started talking who woulda thunk that trading nerdy science titles would result in a friendship and meetup so many years down the line.

Looking forward to next time, hopefully with G. in tow!

....and awesome shoes! =D

Lisa said...

cute shoes :)

i wish all of us could have a blogger meet up...


Carrie Arnold said...


You're right- I didn't realize until after that we said nothing even remotely related to ED-stuff. And I think it's wonderful that we both find other things so much more interesting than AN. Yes, we have our EDs in common, and I find it so helpful that other people out there know exactly what I'm going through, but I think we would be friends even if neither of us had an ED.

Maybe I'll have to look into getting a cat stroller so that Aria can come to our next meetup! ;)

Sarah at Journeying With Him said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet her! We're email buddies, but not in-person buddies --YET! This sounds like really fun girl time. Wish I could have been there!

Your shoes are awesome :) Are they comfortable?

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