I've never been much of a shoe person (I usually prefer barefoot indoors, flip flops outdoors). I think the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes is $45 for a nice pair of hiking boots on clearance*.

But that was before I saw these lovlies:
There are lots of good reasons I shouldn't buy them, not the least of which is that I'll need a new car sooner rather than later, I'm trying to save up for a down payment on my own place, and also that they're twice as expensive as any other shoes I've ever owned.

Logic tells me no.

But my heart? My heart tells me yes.

What do you think? Vote in the poll below!

*It's one of the advantages of having freakishly small feet.

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e.motions and ana.lysis said...

Carrie should buy the shoes...because it would be doing something nice for herself. Which might be difficult. And easier said than done. But it is also necessary on occasion and good for giving the whole "not worth it" mentality a kick in the pants.

Cathy (UK) said...

BUY THE SHOES! Not only are they cute, they're (apparently) 'anti-stress' so should be cushioned and comfortable.

I love cute or whacky shoes, but I rarely buy them due to cost or lack of comfort. The brighter the better :D

Now, if these were not so high (and hence liable to hurt my back, knees and ankles) I'd buy these:

Ems311288 said...

definately 100% Buy them. If you feel guilty after try doing a favour for a friend or do something nice for someone you love, then you can say a nice person deserves to wear a nice pair of shoes!!! You could also write a list of the reasons you deserve the sdhoes :
1- I have never treated myself to a pair of expensive shoes.
2- I have saved money over the years not being a shoe person, so it's been like a long term saving plan.
3- work out how long they'll probably last and divide it by the cost-how much per day- probably very very little.
4-make yourself feel proud
5- admire the skill that has gone into the design and manufacturing of the shoes.
etc etc, I'll let you carry it on.
Hope this helps. xx

Charlotte UK said...


You have come so far. You have been really brave. You have taken a major life changing decision.


Even if you never wear them and just look at them in their box when you are feeling blue, you deserve them.

This is not encouragement. This is an order. So there!


Unknown said...

clearly those shoes would make you happy. and you deserve happiness. therefore, its logical to conclude that you should TOTALLY buy the shoes


Katie said...

Ooh, they're pretty :) I voted buy the shoes. It's a challenge to follow your heart rather than your head, so they are recovery shoes! I also have freakishly small feet, hehe.

Colleen said...

buy the shoes. wear the shoes. love the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Depends on where they were made. $100 is WAY too much for shoes made in China. Just MHO. This brand used to be made in Europe but I have my doubts about many shoe manufacturers these days. Personally, I try to buy US-made shoes or barring that, if I"m spending a lot, then Italian or Franch. But that's just me....

Cammy said...

Carrie should buy the shoes! Because Carrie can do things for Carrie just for the hell of it sometimes, no need for justification. :)

JenP said...

I do the same thing--ask permission to treat myself and to make sure that things are 'okay.' Indulge yourself, not for any reason at all. Just because you're you and you want something.

Kate said...

"logic" told you not to eat. "logic" told you to overachieve. "logic" told you to save your calories for another day, and if you're anything like me, your money. you missed out on a big hunk (piece? is piece better?) of the stage of your life when most people go a little nuts with these kind of trendy things. and usually, they involve 3 inch heels and are totally uncomfortable. so you're way ahead of the curve!

do it, carrie!

Angela Elain Gambrel said...

Buy the shoes. Once they're gone, you will wish you had.

You deserve to do something nice for yourself and how often do original shoes like these come around???


Angela :)

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