Colbert on weightism

Funny and informative. Due yourself (and your mind!) a favor and watch this.

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The Obesity Epidemic - Amy Farrell
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(via FatGrrrl)

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Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Thank you for posting this. I'm heartened to see someone injecting a theraputic dose of satire into our obesity epidemic.


Carrie Arnold said...

Living in DC this past election season, I began to study how events were covered and explored via satire and I found places like The Onion, etc, had better coverage than "traditional" news. I wanted to take a satire-writing class in college, but it was always offered during my chem labs.

Cathy (UK) said...

Damn, I'd have loved to have watched this video but there's a big notice on it that states "video not available in your country"... Oh well, we're only a little island...

Read 'The Obesity Epidemic: Science, Morality and Ideology' by Michael Gard and Jan Wright. It's not humour, but it's a refreshing read... I did some work with Michael Gard. He's a top guy.

Anonymous said...

How obnoxious to schedule satire writing class to conflict with chemistry labs!

I agree with you on sometimes finding better coverage via The Onion, etc. And I have to admit that if we miss the evening news we sometimes make a point to watch the Colbert Report to catch up.

Don't tell anybody.


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