Calorie counts on menus- FAIL

From today's New York Times:

Study finds calorie postings in restaurants don't change eating habits

So can we take the silly things down already?

(Sorry for the uber-short post. I'm using my phone to post and it's a pain to type more than a few words on my mini keyboard.)

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Cammy said...

Wow, interesting. I guess calorie counting is such an automatic part of my routine that it's hard to fathom people seeing the numbers and just not caring. Although I think that their sample in low-income neighborhoods may not be representative, I'd be interested to see a similar study done in college cafeterias, high-end mall food courts, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a study done on the effects of calorie-counting and eating disorders. I am NOT a scientist, I'm just a pissed off anorexic trying to recover...I hate this sort of thing. Luckily, I have friends/spouse that are actively trying to snatch things away from me before my ED sees the calorie counts on things...but geez. I'm glad I don't live in NYC.

I know you've already posted on this before. I wish CALORIES was not the sole information that people know from menus. Because I am pretty sick of it...and according to this article, it doesn't even work for the audience it is targeting.

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