If you're going through hell...

...keep on going.

I first heard this song on the lovely Sarah's recovery CD, and I totally fell in love with it. It's one of those roll down the windows, crank the volume, and sing along sorts of songs. It's also one of my mottoes, and a song I use to help me pick up my spirits when ED gets mean and exhausting.

So turn up that volume and enjoy!

The original quote, "If you're going through hell, keep going," is by Winston Churchill.

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Anonymous said...

Great minds........

now.is.now said...

Yes, so true. It's the only good option anyway... ED or Hell? Well, I guess I'll keep going through hell because if I go towards the ED then either I have to stay with the ED forever (not what I want) or, at some point, I have to make the choice to not have the ED... and how do we not have EDs? Well, we reach paradise via a long road through hell. So if I turn around now, I'll just have to go through hell again later (when I try again to not have an ED). So, might as well get it over with...

Not sure if that made any sense...

Rachel said...

This is so funny because when i was in treatment the second time this song had just came out! It was my themesong and pushed me to never give up. Amazing what a song can do for the soul.

Rachel said...

Oops forgot to mention that I just started following your blog and it is amazing! Looking forward to more great posts :)


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