A good therapist is hard to find

There's a new eating disorder blog on the scene, this one by a real, live trained professional (Barnum and Bailey probably would have charged you a quarter for a peek sometime last century- alas how copays have changed). I am thrilled beyond words that Dr. Sarah Ravin is joining the wonderful, wacky world of ED blogs.

I love Dr. Ravin's bio:

A major component of my professional identity is staying informed about recent developments in the field so that I may provide my clients with scientifically sound information and evidence-based treatment. There is a plethora of information on the internet about eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, much of this information is unsubstantiated and some of it is patently false. It is my hope that by sharing my thoughts and opinions on psychological issues, with scientific research and clinical experience sprinkled in for good measure, I can help to bridge the gap between research and treatment.

Her first post, Top 10 Mistakes in Eating Disorder Treatment, is so spectacular I had to link to it here, and it's going in my permalink section to the right. It is a must read for anyone who even attempts to treat an eating disorder and is filled with wisdom and truth.

I can't wait to see what else she has to say!

(An extra gold star for those who caught the Flannery O'Connor allusion in the post title. Dr. Ravin is in Florida, so I thought the Southern reference would be marginally appropriate.)


Amy said...

Your title might be more accurate than Flannery's. I can find plenty of good men. (;

High five for geeky lit references!

Carrie Arnold said...

You can? Really? Send the extras my way- LOL!

Carrie Arnold said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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