Embracing Imperfection

I try to keep most of my content here completely original, but this post from the blog On Simplicity just spoke to me so much that I'm copying and pasting the entire thing here. And working on letting go of my perfectionism that tells me I'm being lazy for doing such a thing...

1. No one gasps in horror when you inevitably screw something up. Instead, you can get away with an “Oops” and a charming smile.
2. When you do get something incredibly right, you get to celebrate and bask in the glory–not get a chorus of “Yeah, yeah—what else is new?”
3. You get to try new things without fearing they’ll ruin your perfect track record.
4. People trust your advice because it came from trial and error, not from some superhuman talent.
5. Expecting amazing things from yourself can be a great thing. Having the outside world expect amazing things from you can be soul-crushing. Just ask Superman.
6. Sometimes the best ideas, art, and inspiration come from mistakes.
7. Who wants to color inside the lines all the time or live life like a paint by number?
8. The straight and narrow may be the fastest way to get somewhere, but it sure as hell isn’t the most exciting or even fulfilling.
9. Incredibly high standards of perfection can only alienate the people in your life and make them feel judged.
10. Having “off” days is a part of life. They’re what make the other days sparkle.
11. Perfection is so much more thrilling when it hasn’t become routine and mundane.
12. Persistence can work just as well as perfectionism, without all the stress and guilt.

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Lisa and Jim said...

And when you want to feel better about yourself, there are the Demotivators: http://despair.com/viewall.html

Carrie Arnold said...

Oh yes, the Demotivators rock!

Ajijaak said...

One of my sayings is imperfection is perfection! That is how we learn and grow as humans!

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