Kind of Disturbing...

Since I posted on Traitor Joe's late on Wednesday, I've had almost 50 hits for people searching for the "Complete Body Cleanse."

I don't know that my blog was the first site that popped up in their search, nor do I believe it looked the most obviously informative. So I'm guessing I'm just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

It's kind of frightening.

All I can hope is that this blog makes them think twice about what they're doing.

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Musak-mhm said...

Hopefully if people click on this they will realize that being healthy is the best option.

Carrie Arnold said...

Amen to that! And they don't need to spend several days glued to the toilet to do so.

Maybe they should sell air freshener along with the body cleanse?

Marisa Turillo said...

Carrie - Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading your blog (I like the dose of wit/sarcasm along with your healthful perspective!).

I'm happy to say that the "Complete Body Cleanse" sounds absolutely disgusting to me (not that there wasn't a time when I would have considered that a viable option). Progress, I guess!

"The Patient"

Carrie Arnold said...


Why thank you. I appreciate it.

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