Celebrate NEDAW!

As many of you know, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week starts on Sunday, Feburary 24. Over the past year, I have been using The Gold Fork Project to help raise money for eating disorders research.

What is the Gold Fork Project?

The gold fork is the logo used by Laura Collins in her quest to promote effective treatment of eating disorders. To me, it is an example of how food -- and the love of it -- can be golden and healthy and wonderful. It's a reminder of how food is so crucial to both physical and mental health. And how proper eating is the first step to recovery.

I've raised almost $150 for the National Eating Disorders Association over the past year by selling these necklaces (half of the purchase price is donated to NEDA; the rest is materials and labor cost, shipping, advertising, etc). The necklaces are tasteful and classy, and you can share as much about your personal experiences with an eating disorder as you would like should you be asked about your golden fork.

And I ship as soon as I receive your order, so there's still time to order and have a necklace for NEDAW festivities.

Check out my Etsy jewelry shop for more information on the Fork You, Eddie! necklace.

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